This Month At Groota – October 2018

Most people are preparing for Halloween, so there is no surprise that most marketing emails are about costumes, groceries (candies) and horror movies. But not all the most engaging emails are about Halloween.

most click-through emails of the month:

Did you miss these good deals? You can follow emails from these brands with one click at Groota. No subscription sign up needed.

new brands & publishers this month:

new brands at Groota
new brands and publishers at Groota

We added new online bookstores that offer new & used books. Their price is usually 40%-80% off retail price. On top of that, we also put newsletters that feature daily deals on eBooks. It’s a popular request from our bookworm users. You can find all of them under ‘Books’ category in Explore view. Don’t know where to start? Check out our blog on where to score cheap children’s books.

Black Friday is coming. Have you started to monitor the deals? There are many websites that publish ads beforehand, such as and Their newsletters will be soon available to follow at Groota. We want to get you ready for the big shopping season without a cluttered inbox.

best content:

other news:

  • Trader Joe’s has issued two product recalls in their emails. Please refer to here and here. Follow Trader Joe’s newsletters in Groota so you don’t miss important announcements.
  • Target announce Free 2-Day Shipping to all guests on hundreds of thousands of items, with no minimum purchase and no membership required in the company statement. It starts on Nov. 1, 2018. Follow Target newsletters in Groota to score deals with free shipping!


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