Cool Recycling Programs and Recycling Information You Should Know About

Buzz words at Instagram and searches these days are: vanlife, speed cleaning and declutter. Simpler lifestyles are taking off. When I started to get rid of old and unused stuff, recycling is a big part of the process. I wrote about retailers giving rewards for those who recycle old garment in this post. Now here are other cool recycling programs and recycling information you should know about.

ColorCycle by Crayola

Dead markers end up in the landfill, or worse, in the ocean, are not “colorful” at all. Crayola will send you a free shipping label to ship back the dead markers if you apply to ColorCycle program for your school. Your local school might have participated in ColorCycle, check the zipcode here:

If your school is not on the list, it’s a great opportunity to set it up with your kids and get them invovled.


They team up with many companies to recycle packing materials and all kind of old stuff, from Arm & Hammer plastic pouches to old Hasbro toys. Subscribe to their newsletters to know the newest program.


You can trade in your old device with Apple. The cool thing about this program is that you can instantly know how much your device is worth. If they cannot trade you with credits, they will recycle the device for you.


One empty container for one stamp. 10 stamps for a travel size product. For details click here.

MAC Cosmetics

Similar to Kiehl’s program, 6 old packaging (such as empty bottles or empty compacts) for 1 free lipstick. For details click here.


I love this program, because seriously, LUSH never give discounts on their products, at least not that I am aware of. For 5 empty black pot, you will get a fresh face mask. For details click here.


Bring back your empty beauty and skin care packaging from ANY BEAUTY BRAND to be recycled and receive 10% off a new full-sized product. Here’s the detail in L’Occitane newsletter, and the program home page at TerraCycle.


Since 2017, IKEA launch the program to recycle mattress. You need to call your local store for details. Besides mattress, they have recycle stations at each IKEA entrance where they take plastic bags, light bulbs and old catalog.


You can recycle old batteries at thousands of locations across the U.S., including The Home Depot, Lowe’s and Staples. Find out the location near you here.

Recycle Nation

battery recycling and electronics recycling are tricky. If you don’t have time to figure out what can be recycled, use recycle nation website to search recycle locations by zip code and type of waste. This is also the answer to your “where is the recycling center near me” question. The user interface is not straightforward though. You need to click on the type of waste below to get accurate result.

where do I find recycle stations near me - recyclenation
where do I find recycle stations near me – recyclenation

gimme 5 recycling program

My local waste management company don’t take #5 plastic in recycle bins. However, #5 is used widely for food packaging, such as yogurt an sour creams. Thanks to gimme 5 recycling program, you can recycle #5 packaging by dropping them in 34 locations (near Boston area) OR mail them in (they don’t cover your postage). I hope they expand retail drop-off locations soon at PNW.

I hope this post encourage you to look further into decluttering your space. Have some old clothes that need recycle? Check out another post on recycling old garment with sweet rewards here.

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