5 Shopping Websites Moms Should Know For Quality Goods with Cheaper Price

People keep telling me raising kids is expensive. It’s very true. Since I became a mother, my monthly budget increases more than 150%: diapers, baby wipes, daycares, and children’s books! Why are they so expensive? To save a few bucks I constantly monitor promotions from retailers, and try to find online alternatives.  Here are my favorite baby shopping websites that I think every mom should know for baby clothes, books and household products.They do run promotions sometimes, but even without promotions the price and qualities are great, and I often place orders without promotions. I divide baby shopping websites into household products, clothes, books, and department stores.

Baby Shoppoing Websites: Household


You would think silicon valley companies sell quality products with outrageous price, well not some of the Brandless products I love. Everything at Brandless is $3. Most products are made with great ingredients. Here are my favorite products and price comparisons of some similar products I used to buy:

8 oz Green Tea & Aloe Moisturizing Shampoo (0.37 per oz)
(The Body Shop best seller Ginger Shampoo with big discount is about $5 for 8.7oz, 0.57 per oz)

9.5 oz Moisturizing Hand Soap (0.31 per oz)
(Bath & Body Works hand soap with big discount is about $2.5 for 8.75 oz, 0.28 per oz)

6.7 oz Grade A Organic Maple Syrup (0.44 per oz)
(Trader Joe’s Organic Grade A Maple Syrup is $7.99 for 12oz, 0.66 per oz)

Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter
(I’ve used the cutter for a few  months now, still sharp)

Acacia Wood Serving Spoon
(I’ve used the spoon for a few months now, working  pretty well)

LivingSocial sometimes have 50% off voucher from Brandless.

Jet.com buy bulk (jet Wholesale)

Brandless is perfect for small quantities. I buy bulk for certain products. Think 10 mouthwash, 10 bottles of baby wash, and so on. Jet Wholesale is a great place to buy bulk. Here are my favorites:

Pampers Baby Wipes Sensitive 9X Refill

Glad ForceFlex Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags, 13 Gallon

products are rotating from time to time, so you might see different products. Next time when you want to grab that big box of trash bags at Costco, check jet wholesale website first.

Baby Shopping Websites: Clothes


They have constant discounts on various items. It’s usually $6.95 flat rate shipping, and occasionally they run free shipping promotions. Follow their email deals for discount items. Organic Cotton Bodysuit (3-pack) is $8.99, or Hudson Baby 100% cotton Bodysuit (3-pack) for $1.99. Touched by Nature Organic Cotton Receiving Blanket is $5.99. You could occasionally see cheaper price at Amazon, but babymallonline are usually cheaper, and I don’t need to wait for the promotions at Amazon.


They sell functional wears with amazing price. This Japanese brand is famous for simple designs with great materials. Their famous lines (AIRism Collection for summer, HEATTECH for winter) are my favorites. Follow their email deals for occasional free shipping and weekly sales. I have scored 100% cashmere sweaters for $35, Ines De La Fressange Paris jackets for $19, and 100% cashmere scarf for $9.99.

Baby Shopping Websites: Books


Their books are from publishers’ returns and excess inventory. The books are marked with a small line or dot on the edge. Eric Carle’s “The Mixed-Up Chameleon”, softcover, is $3.79. It’s usually 40-60% off the retail price. Free shipping on orders $35 or more.


They work with libraries and vendors to make sure used books don’t end up at the landfills. I love a company with great causes. I usually select “very good” condition, and the books I receive are  literally new. “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” by Laura Joffe Numeroff, hardcover, with very good condition is $4.19. Free shipping on orders $10 or more.


This is the e-commerce site of retailer Books A Million. If I cannot find the books I am looking for at previous two sites, Books A Million usually carries them. They are generous with coupon codes, so make sure you subscribe to their email promotions for great price.


They don’t sell books, but their newsletters and websites gather current deals on eBooks, such as these great ones:

baby shopping websites: deals on eBooks - BookBub
baby shopping websites: deals on eBooks – BookBub

You can subscribe to their newsletters for free.

Baby Shopping Websites: Department Stores


They sell everything! From furnitures, baby toys to clothes. Kind of like Amazon, but usually with cheaper price. They have constant promotions and sometimes 10-20% off entire purchase. Subscribe to their newsletters for promo codes.

Ok that’s more than 5 😉 If you are not ready to sign up with them and run the risk of spammy inbox, download Groota iOS app to follow their email deals.  Groota subscribes to newsletters for you so you don’t need to give away personal email address to view promotional emails.

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