My Sustainable Shopping List to Reduce Plastic

sustainable shopping list: my favorite products to replaced plastic

One of my new year resolutions in 2018: come up a shopping list of sustainable brands and ethical brands. After I start searching for products, I found that many certificates fall into ethical category: BPI Certified Compostable, Certified B Corp, cruelty-free, fair trade, and so many more. Looking at my house (well, more like looking at my trash), the most impactful actions I could start with are: reducing single use plastic and using products made with recycled materials.

We all know those tricks: bring your own water bottles, bring your shopping bags, and so on. I did all those, but I want to do more with the power of purchase decisions. The main criteria to pick the products are:

1. affordable price
2. easy to get (at least available online and ship to USA)
3. reputable certificates
4. most households use them everyday.

So here is my shopping list focusing on replacing single use plastic and using products made with 100 % recycled materials (other products of cruelty-free, FSC, fair-trade and so on are coming up. I will try my best to write them soon) Continue reading “My Sustainable Shopping List to Reduce Plastic”

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